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More and more home and business owners prefer outdoor parties and events these days because it is more economical and environment friendly. However, holding outdoor events can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to sounds. Fortunately, there are landscape speakers Delray Beach today that offer high quality sounds without the bulky boxes.

Landscape speakers Delray Beach are specially designed devices for outdoors. They can be installed and concealed in any parts of the garden or backyard or any outdoor spots. Unlike the indoor speakers, they can withstand the weather conditions. Also, they are easy to install, remove, and maintain.

Audio Command Florida Installs Top-Quality Landscape Speakers Delray Beach

Audio Command Florida is your go-to place if you are looking for professional home theater and outdoor theater installations. We cater to residential, commercial, and marine industries, providing them state-of-the-art entertainment technology. Our team is comprised of licensed and certified technicians specializing in audio and theater systems, lighting control, motorized window treatments, and control and automation systems.

What makes us different from any other service providers is our unique and comprehensive process that involves concept design and development, design execution, and our exclusive “White Glove” after care services. This means we do not terminate our services after we have set up your home theater systems. At Audio Command Florida, make sure they are functioning perfectly all the time so you can enjoy this luxury for many years more.

No More Bulky Sound Boxes

Whether you are holding an outdoor event for your business or you want to have your very own outdoor home theater system, Audio Command Florida is the name to call. We provide and install top-quality landscape speakers for world-class entertainment experience at the comfort of your own backyard. Call us today.



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